Free Range Your Way to Radical Wellness as Unique as You Are



Maybe you’re not cis-gendered. Perhaps you’re neurodivergent or suspect you might be. You could be living with a chronic illness, identify as disabled, or some mix of these things. You DESERVE someone who understands your challenges to wellness, who BELIEVES in you, and who understand that you can’t put typical wellness in a non-typical body. And that’s okay!


If you’re looking for non-mass produced wellness, you’re in the right place. I can help. I’m Kit Caelsto, the Chicken Yogi, and  I’m offering real talk, radical self-love, and holistic wellness that goes beyond the hype and gets right to the heart of your struggles and your needs. Because you’re not one-size-fits-all and neither is your wellness. (Oh, and if you’re curious what’s with the chickens, learn more here.)

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I’m a nonbinary (pronouns: they/them), fat, queer, neurodivergent farmer yogi with fibromyalgia who loves supporting people in a trauma-informed, safe manner so they can free range their way to radical, unique wellness.

Do you know what you have in common with chickens? You will survive even if you’re kept in a cage and fed a mass produced diet that’s supposedly meant to be good for you. And so many of us try this with masking or staying in the closet. No matter what we do, though, something just isn’t right. We still don’t feel as good as we know we can, and that’s because we’re not finding our unique path to wellness. We’re not supporting our unique selves.

If you want to thrive, you need to get out of the cage. You need to free range and discover what works best for you. That’s how you create a healthy flock and a healthy life. And I should know because I’m the Chicken Yogi–In addition to raising chickens, I know first hand the problems we face when we try to mask and act our way to “normal wellness”. It just doesn’t work. And frankly, “normal” really doesn’t exist either. So embrace your uniqueness and start to free range!

How We Open The Cage Door Together

Yoga & Gentle Movement

Bodies can be very difficult things. Gentle movement, including yoga, calms the nervous system, helps with mobility issues, and most importantly connects you to the skin you’re in. Too often we get disconnected from our bodies, feeling as if they hinder us rather than help. Yoga and gentle movement changes that perception.

Wellness Coaching

Trying to eat well when you’re dealing with a chronic illness or sensory issues is difficult. Mustering the executive function to adopt new habits can be tough. With wellness coaching, I’m in your corner, helping you find your own path to wellness. You’re never alone, and I’m never going to tell you that you’re “doing it wrong”.


Meditation is so much more than sitting quietly thinking of nothing. There are a variety of different meditation types and methods. No matter which one you choose, the goal is to help find more peace within your mind, to quiet those voices which aren’t helpful, and to discover who we are, and what we want.

Reiki & Energy Work

Trauma lives in our energy field as much as it lives in the physical and mental body. Utilizing the power of reiki and other energy work modalities, we’ll focus on clearing your energy field so you feel connected to the source, to the wider world, and to yourself.



A combination of mindset and mental work as well as specific movements and tapping on accupressure points, tapping/eft is a powerful way to clear your energy field, retrain your thoughts, and move forward toward living your authentic self.

Cultivating Connection

Join me as we virtually connect to the wisdom of animals on my homestead and you connect with nature and the spirit within and without. When we are connected, we’re supported and cultivating those connections is a powerful part of healing.

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