Though the holidays mean something different for everyone, we’re about two weeks out from the time of year when many people celebrate the winter holidays. No matter when, or how, you celebrate, I have one wish for you–magic.

I know it’s tough. And for a lot of us, it’s difficult to find the magic in the season. My heart aches for those affected by the storms this past weekend. The horrifying devastation that leaves you wondering how such a thing could happen, or the reasons why. For those who had their holiday dreams and plans blown away by a gust of wind, it’s especially difficult. And for those with children, it can be harder still.

There is magic out there to be found. In the help of a neighbor offering to lend a hand, or just a shoulder upon which to rest for a moment. There’s magic in the way support is pouring in, and in the practical ways people are now asking how can they make it better, how can we prevent this from happening. Because the truth is storms, even storms of that magnitude in December, aren’t unheard of, and will happen again. We cannot prevent them. As I once told my grandma, it’s not like we can stand out in front of the storm and ask it to turn in the other direction. And if we did that, we’d only be sending it in the direction of someone else’s house, someone else’s business. That’s not a good option, either.

Look for the helpers, Mr. Rogers said. I ask you to also look for the magic. A frosty morning brings it’s own beauty and sparkle. A helping hand, even someone holding the door for you at the store, a little magic to brighten your day.

So my holiday wish for you is that you see the magic and are the recipient of some this holiday season. And if you get a little magic, make sure you pass it on.