When I think of healing soul wounds, of really getting in touch with myself and my inner knowing so I can move forward, I think of three things.


I need the confidence to believe I can make changes. I need to have the clarity of vision to know what I want. And the creativity to find solutions and make things happen.

Without one of those items, the path to recovery, to really making lasting changes in our lives, is rocky at best. In this blog, I want to talk briefly about them and how they impact our journeys.

First, let me say that many of us have spirit wounds. Some of people choose not to acknowledge them. That’s their choice and their decision to make. However, I’ve found those who are willing to look at their spirit wounds, who acknowledge the cause and work to heal them–note I didn’t say remove them or clear them out of the way–will find stillness and hope inside.

In my work, I’ve found that when someone approaches these spirit wounds with confidence, clarity, and creativity, they have a better chance of healing them.

Even when we heal a wound, a scar can remain. Those scars aren’t blemishes or proof that somehow we didn’t “heal well enough”. Instead, it’s a badge of courage, the proof that we emerged out the other side unscathed. We must cultivate each of these qualities in equal measure.

Confidence is the biggest one, because when we lack confidence so much of our life seems impossible. Trust me. I’ve been there. Confidence creates the belief we can manifest change. When we believe this, we will take action. Right there–believing in ourselves and taking action–that is the core of the work that needs to be done. We do not remain stagnant like water in a pond, covered with algae and unmoving. We are not meant to curl ourselves up in one place to weather the storms.

Clarity allows us to look unflinching at the wound, to assess it for what it really is. Too often we feel that our spirit wounds our our fault–our failings. Many times they’re not. They’re the actions of hurt and wounded people reflected upon us. This makes them no less painful, but being able to see that, especially if these wounds were created in our childhood, allows us to step beyond them. To create the movement that’s so necessary for healing.

Creativity is required because the systems created by our world aren’t conducive to healing. The need to spend 40 hours every week, more if you have a commute, focused on some task other than our own well-being already strips too much time away. In fact, that’s almost 25% of our hours in any given week. Then we need to do household chores, take care of family members and ourselves, not to mention our own social needs, and is it any wonder people feel like they don’t have time? The body and soul will make the time if you do not. Which means we use creativity of methods and of purpose to begin the healing process.

I encourage you to think about these 3 C’s. Think about how you can work with them in your own life. Think about how they can be beneficial to you.