Do you think you’re intuitive? Not sure if you have intuition? Do you quesiton if the messages you receive from the universe are just that–messages, rather than something from your own thoughts and feelings? If you do, you’re not alone. Many people doubt their intution or think of it in the same way they imagine Santa Claus. A lovely thought, one that is meaningful to a lot of people, but not really real.

The good news is your intuition doesn’t care if you believe in it or not. Your higher self is there, working for you, sending you messages. It’s up to you to hear them. If you don’t hear them, often the messages become more blunt, or what I like to call a cosmic clue-by-four. It’s those times the messages are so strong, so profound, you have no option except to listen to them. Sadly, by the time it comes to the clue-by-four stage, you might be in pretty rough shape. A health issue that had been neglected too long. A toxic job decides to lay you off or even outright fire you. It’s then you sit up and listen.

It’s so much nicer to listen to your intuition when it whispers in your ear. Oh, it won’t always whisper sweet nothings. Sometimes those messages are still difficult to hear–I won’t lie and tell you they’ll always be sweet and nice messages. But also, know that any message sent by your intuition is for your highest good.

If you’re still wondering if you’re intuititive, I’d like to assure you that, YES, you are. Everybody has intuition. It’s those “gut feelings” we get about a situation, or signs we see from the universe, like angel numbers or even seeing wildlife or hearing a song on the radio that resonates with what you’re feeling. And if you seem to have trouble tapping into your intuition you’re not alone.

Listening to your intuition, however, brings you in harmony with the universe. Once you’re in harmony with the universe, you can crow and flow. (Make some noise and move effortlesly with the rhythms of nature.) So the next time you think you’re getting messages from the universe. Tune in. What are they saying? And are you listening?