We cannot create harmony and flow with the universe around us unless we have that within. As someone who loves to “crow and flow”, the crowing part is also pretty difficult if you’re not willing to go deep inside to figure out exactly who you are and to honor your own truths. In today’s blog, I want to talk about three techniques you can use to find the flow within, so you can experience it without.

1. Breath Work

There’s nothing more powerful than connecting with your own breath. Whether you’re simply focusing on your deep, even breathing or pursuing a more advanced practice like pranyama or yogic breathing, when you close your eyes and follow your breath, you’re connecting within. You feel your body’s movements, the shift and motion of your chest, ribs, belly, and lungs. It also connects you with an autonomic function and offers relaxation and stress reduction. Simply breathing is a miraculous thing and one we don’t take for granted during allergy season or when illness strikes.

2. Gentle Movement

My favorite gentle movement either involves a walk around the homestead, even if it’s a “chore” like going to get the mail or some yoga. Creating gentle movement in our bodies, like focusing on the breath, helps to connect us to what’s happening inside. For those like myself who deal with fibromyalgia, the gentle (and yes, I keep emphasizing that word because slow, gentle movements are good for you) stretching of muscles can help ease aches and pains.

3. Journaling

I know for many people journaling has gotten a bad rap. And yet, sitting down with paper and pencil (or pen and paper or even your computer keyboard) and putting your thoughts down helps to focus the monkey mind. It helps to give your mind something to do and perhaps an outlet for ruminating thoughts.

By integrating these three practices into your life, you can connect with what’s happening inside. And that opens you up to the flow, both within and without.