Your energy body is just one of five subtle bodies, which also include your physical body, emotional body, mental body, and bliss body. Your energy body houses your chakras and the nadis, the channels which connect your chakras to one another and the rest of your body. Many different practices, including breath work (pranayama), energy healing, sound or vibrational healing, just to name a few, impact on the energy body. However, it’s important to think about the impact energy work has on the entire body.

Many practitioners talk about our energy system as being separate from our bodies. Not intentionally. They just…simply don’t mention the physical or mental/emotional aspects of our beings. Clearing the chakras, a common practice in energy work, doesn’t happen in a vacuum. When our energy body is aligned and centered, the effects radiate throughout our entire being.

Instead of thinking about doing energy work on one specific aspect of our entire being, think about how the energy impacts your other bodies as well. For example, one of my common signals that reiki is being sent is the tingling of my hands. Since usually I’m sharing this energy with my animal companions, I can’t ask them how they are perceiving it. I can get clues. One time when I was using the master symbol on one of my horses, the horse’s shoulder began to twitch, like they do when flies are bothering them or they have a tickle. I sensed that the mare felt like she was being “tickled” by the energy, and so I shifted into a different symbol which relaxed her. In this particular instance I was working more on a mental and emotional level, and I wonder if I shifted my focus to her physical self if the energy wouldn’t have been so ticklish.

That is just one of the ways to think about how energy work impacts the entire body. Conversely, using energy work or breath work to ease physical pain might be more effective if we think about the mental systems or emotional thoughts beneath the physical pain. How much different would breathing into your “grief” or “feeling of abandonment” feel to your aching muscles rather than just breathing into particularly tight muscle fibers that are knotted. What caused the knot? How can the energy work soothe that pain as well?

To return to the chakra clearing discussion, how about when we open our heart charka we also soothe the muscle which works so tirelessly to keep us alive? Perhaps we could also work on strengthening our emotional bonds of love, but also honoring and even grieving for the ones which are no longer with us. There are so many ways for our energy work to transcend what we may currently be doing. And I encourage you to think about how you can expand any work you might be doing.