About Me


Hi There, I’m Kit!

 My identities: GenderQueer, Trans, Extra spicy neurodivergent (AuDHD+), Chronically Ill, Disabled

I am a trans, fat, disabled, late diagnosed AuDHDer (that’s Autism & ADHD), farmer yogi and spiritual mentor who knows how hard it is to liberate and love your authentic self. I also know quite a bit about religious trauma. I’m a graduate student in Religious Studies because I am fascinated by and love all things spiritual, and it’s my goal to help you reconnect with your spiritual soul too.

For too long, I lived with the thought I was “not good enough”, “different”, “weird”, “strange”, “not quite right”. Perhaps you know that feeling? Perhaps you’ve been told that too?

It wasn’t until I was in my mid-40s, my yoga journey already underway for a couple of years, that I found out the truth. I am autistic. And that was the final piece of information I needed to make sense of the world as I saw it. I wasn’t any of those things anyone had told me. I am me!  Just because my brain works differently meant I was no less smart, talented, or capable than others. Their perception of me was incorrect; I am exactly as I’m meant to be. And religion is one of my autistic special interests!

This knowledge was what I needed to began a journey to foster the sense of safety and connection WITHIN that I hadn’t felt with others. And I realized connection and safety begin with our spiritual connection to the universe and to one another.

If you’re experiencing a “dark night of the soul” (which would include autistic burnout), I want you to feel nourished, cared for, supported and whole by being in union with the universe.

Yoga means union. A union with ourselves at all levels of being. A union with the universe at its most basic, energetic level.  It is through this union, our authentic, integrated story, that we come home to ourselves and we feel whole.


Certifications & Training

AS in Agriculture
BS in Religious Studies/Minor Psychology
Certified EFT-TFT Practitioner
Reiki Master
200HR+300HR Yoga Teacher Training
100HR Yin Yoga Teacher
200HR Certified Meditation Teacher
Certified Confidence Coach
Certified REBT Coach
Certified CBT Coach
Ordained Minister

Opening Hours

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(417) 462-6393


902 W Broadway PMB 363
West Plains, MO 65775
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