We currently offer accessible and chair yoga classes, and meditation sessions. Check our schedule for full details. If you’d like to know when we add more classes, please subscribe to our newsletter.


Part of finding our center is getting in touch with our body. My preferred method for this is yoga, which is gentle, positive movement for EVERY body.


Whether you’re looking for a short 15-minute routine to do during a break at your desk or need something longer, we offer multiple styles of yoga.


Meditation is the key to the soul. When we meditate we return to ourselves. Take a course or join one of our weekly sessions. Take some time for you.


In our busy lives, it’s a blessing to be able to take some time for ourselves. Remember to return to your body, nourish your soul and should you need support, I’m here.


As you connect with your body, wounds begin to heal. Trauma held within bone and muscle releases. And you’re able to blossom into the person you were meant to be.


If you’re looking for more support, I offer spiritual life coaching grounded in experience and love. Learn how to set boundaries. Claim your space and strut your stuff.

Have Questions?

Have questions about my classes or services? Don’t worry. Send a message and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours (usually less).


What is the Chicken Yogi Way?

The Chicken Yogi Way(TM) means standing firm in your body, being present, and seizing the day. For more information see this page.

I have a chronic illness/disability. Are your classes still for me?

YES! I believe that yoga can be for every body regardless of size, health status, flexibility, or any other factor. My classes are accessible, gentle, and geared toward those who may be new to yoga or unable to do more strenuous poses.

What should I bring?

For yoga classes, please have a yoga mat (I like this one.). You may also wish to have yoga blocks, a rolled up blanket or a bolster.

For meditation classes, a chair or soft cushion/blanket if you're sitting on the floor are all that's required.

Will this heal my (fill in your condition)?

No, and anyone telling you that yoga will heal your fibromaylgia (the one I get quite often) or other condition is lying. It helps. But many of these medical conditions are chronic, meaning without cure. What will yoga/meditation/tapping/reiki/etc. do? It will help relax you, put you in touch with your body's signals, reduce your stress levels, and in the case of yoga, help with stretching and releasing tight muscles -- all of which helps many people. It can reduce symptoms of medical conditions, but it does not cure.

What should I wear?

No special clothing is required. Wear loose, comfortable clothing (for example, soft pants and a t-shirt). Classes are virtual and no cameras (except for the instructor) are used in class, so be comfortable. Wear what you want.

How long are classes?

Classes and sessions last between 30-40 minutes.

What if I have more questions?

Please contact us. We'll also be adding to this faq as more questions come in or we update our services.

Enjoy A Free Class

Interested in working with me? Would you like a taste of what I do? Visit my services page to sign up today for a free class and sample the Chicken Yogi way.

Look, you're busy. I know the idea of adding one more thing to your schedule probably makes you break out in a cold sweat. But what if I told you that you could create real and lasting change in five minutes a day?


Turn anxiety into calm confidence.

Turn frustration into peaceful ease.

Turn stress into tranquil relaxation.

Are you reaady?

Opening Hours

See our class schedule for class times or check out our on demand videos.


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