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What might you read in Coop Dharma?

  • Why the neurodivergent brain may not resonate with “traditional spirituality”
  • How neurodivergent individuals can cultivate their own unique spirituality outside of mainstream sources
  • What accessible really means within the context of a yoga class and why it’s an integral part of mindfulness and yoga philosophy
  • How yoga has changed over the years, and especially since the early 1900s
  • Using energy work to help us connect to nature and the universe, including animal energy work
  • Do jellyfish or caterpillars have chakras/an energy system and are they the same as ours?
  • Energy work beyond reiki and how each of us is able to tap into our own unique frequency


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All Coop Dharma subscriptions go directly to the farm as well as my own health and accessibility.



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