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Chicken Yogi consists this is main site, which hosts all my offerings, my philosophy, and the main Chicken Yogi Blog. However, there’s so much more to explore at Chicken Yogi. Therefore, consider this page your key to unlocking everything, and perhaps you’ll find some (previously hidden) treasures.


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The Autistic Yoga Teacher

Let’s face it, most yoga classes are geared toward neurotypical people. As someone who is autistic (and then some), I talk about the benefits of yoga, meditation, breath and energy work have to neurodivergent individuals and help instructors make their classes more accessible.

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Fibromyalgia Yoga Teacher

One of the most common “prescriptions” for fibromyalgia is yoga. I know. I’ve had fibromyalgia for 20+ years. As a yoga and meditation instructor, I blog about what yoga, meditation, breath and energy work can do for fibromyalgia, and what it can’t. I also supply information to instructors to help their students and increase knowledge.

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The Chicken Yogi Show (Podcast)

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Unscramblet by Chicken Yogi

You can’t separate your working self from your wellness, and there’s a reason why “employee wellness” programs often don’t work. Unscramblet is where I talk about all things work, especially how to find what works for you, how to recognize workplace abuse, and how not to let your job make you scrambled.

ESRS (Energy Work)

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Chicken Yogi TV

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My Philosophy

My dream is to create a world where that’s possible. To create spaces where we come together to move gently, with joy and laughter, as we discover ourselves by tuning into ourselves. Where we find connection and safety as we explore the wellness wheel together, and what it means to each of us, to be well.

My well doesn’t look like your well. And your well won’t look like anyone else’s. It probably won’t look the same day by day, and that’s all right. That’s exactly how it’s supposed to be. We’re more than the molecules which make up our bodies and our minds.