Discover Mental and Physical Relaxation Through Guided Meditation

Receive your FREE guided meditation crafted specifically to allow you to close your eyes and relax. This short (under 15 minutes) meditation was created with your busy schedule in mind. You’re safe as you follow my voice and discover the benefits relaxing meditation.

    About the Meditation

    This voice only meditation (no music or nature noises) runs about fifteen minutes. It includes a progressive muscle relaxation as well as a guided meditation with visualization. There are no loud noises or other intrusions within the audio. It’s designed by a neurodivergent person for neurodivergent audiences.

    It’s difficult to meditate when your body is tense, and sometimes it’s difficult to know what is happening inside your body. Therefore, we begin this meditation with a progressive muscle relaxation to help you check in with your body in a systematic way.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Will this meditation work for me?

      This meditation is designed to engage both your physical body as well as your mental body; therefore, it will keep you grounded. By engaging your physical body it will avoid intrusive thoughts. While no meditation will work for everyone, this one has been crafted with care to help as many people as possible.

      Do I need anything special?

      No.  I do recommend you listen to the meditation in a quiet room when you’re not driving or otherwise distracted.