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Discover Your Free Range Wellness Profile (Quiz)

Take this fun quiz to discover your free range wellness profile. Understanding your profile will help you work with your strengths to cultivate your own blend of radical wellness.

Chicken Yogi Community

Join the Chicken Yogi Community to receive advance notice of upcoming events and offers, as well as to participate in our forums. There will also be occasional free gifts including meditations, yoga sequences, wellness talks, and more.

Golden Light Meditation

Enjoy this short meditation designed to help you relax through guided imagry

Private Yoga Classes

Private Yoga Lessons

Deepen your practice with 1:1 yoga lessons over Zoom. Get help with specfic aspects of your practice or simply enjoy yoga in a relaxed, accessible manner. Purchase one sesson or a block of up to six. You can also place me on monthly retainer if you like.

Group Coaching/Membership Community

Join The Chicken Yogi Club

Membership to the Chicken Yogi Community will always be free; however, upgrade your membership to the club and gain access to a recorded library of yoga and gentle movement videos, meditations, wellness talks, monthly journeys, and more.

Coop Dharma

The Coop Dharma is a deep dive into yoga spirituality and philosophy, energy work, the farm and nature, music and everything I do here. Not quite the papers I write for college, but deeper than my blog posts. This is a reader supported publication (sliding scale $3-10/month) and all funds go toward the farm and my accessibility and health needs.


Spiritual & Creativity Coaching

You don’t have to adhere to any specific spirituality or share your creative pursuits with the world to benefit from my spiritual & creativity coaching. Learn how to tap into your authentic stories, discover what they are, and how to release those which don’t serve you. Harness your true self, with no masks, no need to hide. Find out the power of radical self-love and self-acceptance and how it can transform your life.


Chicken Yogi Academy

The Chicken Yogi Academy contains classes on a variety of topics. From meditation to webinar replays (such as my popular one on the truth about yoga for chronic illness), you’ll find what you need to create your radical free range wellness.



The Five Minute Meditation Solution

Meditation doesn’t have to take a lot of time or follow some specific formula. Read the Five Minute Meditation Solution to discover the power of meditation, how to make it work for you, and why meditation isn’t one-size-fits-all.

Energy Work

Distance Reiki Sessions

With distance reiki you do not need to schedule a time. Simply purchase your preferred length of session, complete a short intake form, and I will perform your reiki treatment. Reiki is a method of energy work which helps with relaxation and stress reduction. Click here to learn more.

Scheduled Reiki Sessions

With a scheduled reiki session, you will book your appointment and we will meet using Zoom. I will complete the 30 to 40 minute reiki session with you on the call so you can see what I’m doing. There is a short intake form. Reiki is a method of energy work which helps with relaxation and stress reduction. Click here to learn more.

For Yoga Teachers

Accessibility Audit For Yoga Classes

Yoga Teachers ensure your classes are accessible to those with chronic illnesses, disability, or neurodivergence (or all three!). This audit will review your class for specific issues which may present barriers to your students. Don’t just say you’re accessible. BE accessible. Learn more.

Explore Chicken Yogi

You’re welcome to check out this main Chicken Yogi site and see my philosophy or my offerings, there’s a lot more to see within the Chicken Yogi world. Explore all the various sub-blogs and sites of Chicken Yogi. Don’t worry, all of them link back here too in case you’d like to come back and look around.

My Philosophy

My dream is to create a world where owning our stories is possible. To create spaces where we come together to move gently, with joy and laughter, as we discover ourselves by tuning into ourselves. Where we find connection and safety within ourselves as well as with others.

My story won’t look like yours and your story won’t sound like anyone else’s. In fact, it may not even be the same from day to day as we discover ourselves and our inner truths, and that’s all right. That’s exactly how it’s supposed to be. We’re more than the molecules which make up our bodies and our minds, and we’re so much more than the stories we were told about ourselves.