Do you know what you have in common with chickens?

There’s a lot of stories told about chickens. Not every one is true. But more often than not, chickens are put in cages and expected to thrive.

Guess what?

The same thing is true for you, too!

If you’re neurodivergent and/or chronically ill like I am, there’s a good chance you’ve picked up stories that really aren’t yours. And these stories have put you in a cage. People expect you thrive. People say you “should” thrive. But something’s missing. Something’s not quite working and you’re ready to become your authentic self and be who you were born to be. We to open the cage door and get out of that damn cage!

How do you do that?

By finding SAFETY and CONNECTION with (and within) yourself.

We are whole. We are unique. And it is our right to decide exactly who we are and what stories we tell about ourselves.

When we take control of our stories, we begin to find safety and connection.

Here at Chicken Yogi, we combine mind, body, heart, and spirit to help you incubate (and hatch!) your real, authentic self. From yoga and meditation to reconnect with our bodies, to energy work and visualization to tap into our spirit, and you bring the heart by simply showing up as your vibrant, amazing self. You are, you know.

Are you ready to take the first step and OPEN THE CAGE DOOR?

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