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Let’s help you make meaningful, lasting change in your life by diving into spiritual life coaching. Please see below for all policies including missed sessions and package expiration. By purchasing this product you are consenting to our Terms and Conditions.

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30-40 minute sessions
Virtual sessions. Prefer Zoom or Skype with video, but if you have special requests please let me know. Phone and text reminders.

Sometimes we need someone to listen, to help us find what's deep inside, and to give us guidance when we need it. Or, a kick in the pants when we need that too. Life doesn't necessary have to go to shit, but when it does, having someone outside the situation can provide objectivity and tools to help you figure out where you are and how to get where you want to go.

During a life coaching session you can expect me to:

  • listen to you about what's going on
  • hone in on the heart of the problem
  • provide at least one actionable step to help you move forward
  • create a plan for future sessions together
  • check in and create accountability
  • hold space for you

I will expect you to:

  • be honest. What happens in session stays there.
  • be prepared to work. None of this is easy. I can't snap my fingers and fix what's happening in your life anymore than I can is mine.
  • Provide feedback. Talk to me.

Can you fix my problem in one session?

Most likely not. Just as a baseball player can't go to a coach and suddenly be a Major League level player, most people can't hop into a 30-40 minute session and be "fixed". Life, like any endeavor, takes consistent, work. If it's more of a check-in or check-up, then one or two sessions may be appropriate.

Note: I take harm reduction very seriously. So if you express a desire to harm yourself or someone else, or you indicate a minor is in danger or being harmed, I will provide you with resources and may also need to report it. As an ordained minister, I am a mandatory reporter.

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Missed Session Policy

Sessions cancelled with 24 hours (or more) notice may be rescheduled once. Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hour's notice may be rescheduled once at the discretion of Chicken Yogi. Refunds are offered for sessions cancelled more than 24 hours before scheduled time; however, habitual refunders will lose those privileges. Rescheduling preferred!

NO SHOWS are forfeited fees at the discretion of Chicken Yogi.

Habitual reschedules may lose their right to reschedule sessions at the discretion of Chicken Yogi.

Scheduling Policy

Sessions are scheduled at least 72 hours in advance except with the express, written permission of Chicken Yogi. Emergency or Rush sessions will incur an additional fee.

Package Purchase Policy

Chicken Yogi offers packages of sessions for the convenience and savings of the client. These sessions expire 1 year from purchase and must be used in this time. (For example, purchases made July 1, 2021 will expire July 1, 2022.) The missed session policy applies to any session once a package coupon is applied.

Refund Policy

We do not give cash refunds.

Pricing Policy

Prices, quantity, or descriptions subject to change at any time.


No health (mental or physical), financial, legal, or other outcome is expressed or implied. Please consult a doctor, therapist, or other professional if you have questions or concerns before starting holistic care. I am not a medical, legal or financial professional, nor do I give medical, financial, or legal advice. Your benefits may vary depending on a variety of factors including length of treatment and what you do outside of our sessions. Thank you.