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Missed Session Policy

Sessions cancelled with 24 hours (or more) notice may be rescheduled once. Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hour's notice may be rescheduled once at the discretion of Chicken Yogi. Refunds are offered for sessions cancelled more than 24 hours before scheduled time; however, habitual refunders will lose those privileges. Rescheduling preferred!

NO SHOWS are forfeited fees at the discretion of Chicken Yogi.

Habitual reschedules may lose their right to reschedule sessions at the discretion of Chicken Yogi.

Scheduling Policy

Sessions are scheduled at least 72 hours in advance except with the express, written permission of Chicken Yogi. Emergency or Rush sessions will incur an additional fee.

Package Purchase Policy

Chicken Yogi offers packages of sessions for the convenience and savings of the client. These sessions expire 1 year from purchase and must be used in this time. (For example, purchases made July 1, 2021 will expire July 1, 2022.) The missed session policy applies to any session once a package coupon is applied.

Refund Policy

We do not give cash refunds.

Pricing Policy

Prices, quantity, or descriptions subject to change at any time.


No health (mental or physical), financial, legal, or other outcome is expressed or implied. Please consult a doctor, therapist, or other professional if you have questions or concerns before starting holistic care. I am not a medical, legal or financial professional, nor do I give medical, financial, or legal advice. Your benefits may vary depending on a variety of factors including length of treatment and what you do outside of our sessions. Thank you.