Spiritual Wisdom to Help You Remember Who You Are


Experience relief from the dark night of the soul and deeper connection with yourself, others, and the world around you through guided journeys to discover your own spiritual truths.

Are you experiencing a “dark night of the soul”?

The world doesn’t give us time to stop and reflect; we spend our days trying to accomplish everything that we have to do that we’re like, well the proverbial chicken without its head. This means we can struggle and not even realize it! After all, we’re “taking care of things”. So give yourself the gift of a few minutes and ask yourself…

+ Do you feel like you’ve forgotten who you are or why you’re here?
+ Tired of feeling like you’re playing a role or wearing a mask rather than being your authentic self?
+ Exhausted and not sure where to turn or what to do next?

If any of these sound familiar you could be experiencing a dark night of the soul. This quiz will help you gain clarity and provide solid steps on what to do next and how to liberate yourself so you can live an authentic, true life that honors your unique being.


Join me on an exciting adventure of rediscovering your spirituality and reclaiming your true self.


Online and virtual courses that help you slow down and remember who you wanted to be.


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Kit is a fantastic yoga instructor and is great at accommodating my various disabilities. Since working with them I’ve found that my flexibility has improved and I have new stretches in my arsenal for when my chronic pain flares. I’ve also found that I feel
better over the course of the week since starting yoga lessons with them.


I am Kit Caelsto: author, spiritual guide, yogi


I offer interfaith and intersectional spiritual guidance through a yoga philosophy and liberation lens to people seeking to reclaim their unique, authentic selves and reconnect with their spirituality. I work with yoga teachers who wish to go beyond a “wellness/healing” paradigm, and I help individuals unravel religious trauma and resdiscover what spirituality and religion means to them.

I have over 30+ years as a practicing polytheist and am pursing a graduate degree in Religious Studies; I am an ordained minister. I’ve been published in pagan periodicals since the mid 1990s. My search for spiritual wisdom isn’t limited to just paganism and yoga philsophy, and my approach to teaching is inclusive and trauma-informed. I love to help people find their own paths; there is no one true way. My intent is to help you find what works for you, discard what doesn’t, and be able to truly know yourself in every way that matters.

Intersectionality: trans, chronic illness/chronic pain, extra spicy neurodivergent, dynamically disabled