Thank you for requesting my Golden Light Meditation.

Your meditation is below. There is a brief introduction and then the meditation itself lasts about 12 minutes. After the meditation I provide some additional information.

When meditating it’s good to be comfortable, either sitting or laying down. You can close your eyes if you feel safe and comfortable, and remember, everything in this meditation is only a suggestion. If something makes you feel uncomfortable or if intrusive thoughts arise, give yourself understanding and grace, and adjust as necessary. Meditation touches each of us differently.

This meditation combines a few different relaxation techniques to engage both your physical and your mental bodies. May it bring you the peace that it does me.

Be kind to yourself,

Kit Caelsto

Kit Caelsto

Chicken Yogi

Hi! I’m Kit, the Chicken Yogi (pronouns: they/them), and I love to help neurodivergent and chronically ill/disabled individuals free range their path to wellness. After all, the “wellness industry” isn’t made for people like ourselves. My AAE (Autistic Area of Expertise), chickens, has really helped me connect with nature, discover ways to be my authentic self, and a good reminder to rest and honor the cycles of your body. After all, the eggs you buy in a store are probably produced by chickens kept in “cubicles” and feed a diet designed to optimize egg production. This feels like the way capitalism and corporate interests see workers as interchangeable capital. They don’t see our uniqueness, our individual talents and personalities, and that we deserve to be treated as someone with value, because all people have inherent value. (If you’d like to know more about what’s up with the chickens, read more here.)

I craft yoga classes, meditations, and help you discover your free ranging path toward wellness. I hope you’ll join me on this journey.