Be Authentically Yourself!

HELPING YOU HATCH YOUR AUTHENTIC LIFE! I connect you to your true, authentic self, allowing you to tap into your inner power and start to live your truth. Welcome to my roost!

I am a nonbinary (pronouns: they/them), fat, queer, autistic, and neurodivergent farmer yogi with fibromyalgia who loves supporting people in a trauma-informed, safe manner so they can hatch their authentic selves!

To do this, I use my skills as a yoga teacher, meditation instructor, reiki healer, and harmonic energy worker. We’ll also receive support from my sacred herd of rescue horses and flock of chickens (the inspiration for the Chicken Yogi way). Together, we’ll weave magic, harmony, and fun to lead you on a path so you can discover the bliss which comes from living your authentic life! 

“If you want a chicken to be a duck, and a duck to be a chicken, you will suffer.”

– Ajahn Chah

The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our senses to get sharper. – W.B. Yeats

Classes & Services

I offer a variety of classes and services. Please check out my services page for more information or check out the Charmed Chicken Club.

I provide trauma-informed spiritual care to help sensitive souls live BETTER with a renewed sense of purpose through connection and meaning.

You are a unique, spiritual creature. You’re not meant to work 40+ hours a week, clean house, and collapse while waiting for the “weekend” to come and take your troubles away. You’re magical, with the ability to tap into the magic of the natural world and use it to find connection and meaning.

Life…has just created barriers to accessing that magic. Our socioeconomic systems create barriers, telling you lies about your worth and your place in this world. Chronic Illness steals time and wellness from us. Trauma makes our bodies, minds, and souls hurt and deserves healing. Most of all, these barriers disconnect us from one another, from ourselves, and from the world around us. They create thoughts like “not enough” and “don’t deserve”.

My desire is that you smash down those barriers with the sledgehammer of truth.  You deserve better than cookie cutter “systems” or “programs”. One size does not fit all. I offer a variety of holistic methods for helping you honor your sensitive soul, live BETTER with a renewed sense of purpose and find that connection and meaning you’re craving. Check out our full list of classes and services to explore the full extent of our offerings.

Our Classes

Virtual Yoga Classes

We offer yoga classes in several different modalities to help you go within, find your center, and get in touch with your body.

Meditation Lessons

Meditation takes many forms. Start with our full 101 course or take a smaller dive into this multi-faceted subject.

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“Chickens are true creatures of zen. They live fully and only for the moment.”

Opening Hours

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902 W Broadway PMB 363
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*all classes are virtual*