It’s looking more and more like we’ll get a snow day tomorrow. While the models are still not in agreement, my favorite Arkansas weather forecasters are saying 4-6″ for our area. I believe them over our local guys. (I can see Arkansas from my house!) I’ve made my plans to hopefully record a yoga video to turn in to finish my 300HR teaching tomorrow, but if you don’t have such an ambitious goal, how can you make a snow day a self-care day without stressing yourself out.

I mean, as kids we loved snow days. They’d shut down school and we could stay home, play in the yard, and in general have an unstructured fun day. As adults, “snow days” often bring with them stress as we try to figure out child care, work situations, and household chores. There’s nothing worse than driving to work in a bad snowstorm because the bosses refuse to give you the day off for safety reasons.

My focus on snow day self-care is on short things you can do. Maybe a 10-15 minute way to break away from the routine. So what are some of my favorites?

  1. Meditation and/or Yoga
  2. Reading a book
  3. Enjoying a cup of tea or hot cocoa
  4. Taking a nap
  5. Channeling your inner child to go play in the snow. (Snow angels? Gently tossing snow balls? Making a snowman?)
  6. Simply be present in a warm place and watch the softly falling flakes.
  7. Stand outside (bundled up) and listen to the hush and quiet that comes from a falling snow, especially a heavy one.

I love the last one. There’s something sacred about listening to the snow fall, hearing the hush among the trees, watching the world become refreshed as it blankets white.

What are you planning on doing? Let me know in the comments below!