When you think about finding harmony both within and without, intuition may not seem at the top of the list. And yet,personally, I find tapping into my intuition is one of the most important ways I stay in harmony with myself. It’s easy, too easy really, for us to dismiss our inner knowing. We get a “gut feeling” about something. Even with that message from the universe, we often tend to ignore it. We feel like whatever is happening inside ourselves, it’s something to be dismissed. And, we fall out of harmony.

Cultivating your intuition puts you in harmony with yourself. That is the first step toward being in harmony with the wider universe. One of the main precepts of many schools of thought is “know thyself.” If you do not know yourself, how can you truly understand others?

Working with your intuition, learning to trust it, to know the clues it provides to you, is a large step on the road to knowing yourself. Too often we don’t trust our intuition. We may feel like something is a perfect fit for us. We need to jump into the opportunity with both feet, heedless of the consequences. And yet, we stop. We question. We pull ourselves out of the universal flow and energies because…why? We feel as if we’re not capable of making such decisions? Do we question our inner knowing? Perhaps we believe we don’t deserve it or something is “too good to be true”.

There are times when we need to look harder at something and question it. Things which seem too perfect often come with hidden strings and costs we may not know about. So it’s good to be cautious. But we can be overly cautious in not listening to our intuition and when that happens, we simply stop trusting ourselves.

Which brings me back to our intuition. Listening to our intuition can put us in harmony with ourselves. We listen to our inner voice, understand how we’re feeling in our body at any given moment and use that information to better adapt to our environment. If something isn’t good for us, we pay attention and find ways to either extract ourselves from the situation or to change it for the better.

Our intuition puts us on the path to knowing. It’s something to pay attention to, and something to cultivate tools for working with. How are you working with your intuition?