I don’t usually talk food and cooking on this blog. Both are a part of wellness, but there are so many factors which go into the topic including whether you’re in a food desert, income levels, food availability, food sensitivities, same foods, eating disorders, and more. So often I don’t talk about food directly. However, I recently rediscovered this gadget for myself and since it’s rather timely with this being Palm Sunday and next week Easter Sunday (not to mention a continuation of Oestara observations, which happens on the spring equinox, but a lot of people engage in activities from the equinox to Easter), that I thought I’d mention this.

An egg cooker/steamer. If you get your eggs in a grocery store, they’re usually 4-6 weeks old at that point, and any chicken keeper will tell you that older eggs hard boil and peel much nicer than fresh eggs. There are hacks, including putting the egg in an ice water bath after cooking to help. For those of us who get eggs in out front yards, it can be tough to wait for them to be “old enough” for good hard boiling.

You can purchase them at most stores, and I picked up mine at Walmart while shopping. Amazon has a variety of them, including ones that hold more than 6 or 7 eggs. So you can find one that works best for you and your family. Even if you purchase your eggs at a store, what I really like about these is that I can scramble up an egg or two for lunch and use this instead of dealing with a stove and a frying pan. It makes healthier eating for me a lot easier to do.

So I thought I’d share today. If you want, drop me a comment and what kitchen gadget do you love? (I’m also really fond of my breakfast sandwich maker.)