There’s been a lot of talk–and I’m glad to see it–about community and what that looks like. And yet, in spite of this too many people go without true community and support. In some ways it’s a byproduct of our social media age. It’s too easy to hit ‘like’ and feel like you’re doing something, or to post, either organically through sharing, information that speaks out for your values and supports various communities.

But that’s “keyboard community” and while it’s valuable work, it’s leaving people behind. We need a community that supports, encourages, and most of all reaches out when people appear to be struggling.

On one hand, we might wonder what to say, or if even saying something is enough. While community has to go beyond words, it needs to be concrete actions, as well, the truth is a few words can do a lot between leaving someone swimming in despair and realizing that they are thought about and cared for.

Hitting like is good. Interactions feed the algorithm, and what many content creators and small business owners need is visibility in an ever increasingly confusing and frustrating world of social media. So PLEASE hit like and and share when and where ever you can. Comment if you want. But to create true community, you need to say something.

What do you say when someone is struggling? Hey, it looks like you’re going through a rough time. I just wanted to let you know I’m thinking about you.

Everyone is different, and individuals will have the words that mean the most to them. But a simple note that says “I see you. I acknowledge your struggles.” is amazingly powerful balm for the wounded soul. It means we’re not alone. It means that someone gives a damn whether we’re here or not. Hitting like doesn’t do that to the same extent.

So the next time you’re thinking about community and supporting people, how about checking in on those who cross your mind? It will mean a lot more than just hitting like, because honestly, hitting like is the least you can do. To create community we need to do more.